TheANCOP Guild, a Social Ministry of Couples for Christ, is an association of workers—CFC members, Christian businessmen, professionals and workers that will animate the workplace with the Spirit of Jesus, the carpenter. It is involved not only in work and the economic realm, but also in the work of Jesus and the spiritual realm. It promotes economic networking and mutual help among its members, assists in the evangelization work of CFC and the Church, and promotes justice and equity in the global economic order.

ANCOP Guild envisions a renewed global economic order where there is loving and sharing that no one will be in need. To realize this vision, Tekton is dedicated to work for poverty eradication, evangelize the corporate milieu, and advocate for global economic order. Folded into these mandates is the ideal of building an alternative economic system to overcome social injustice, work for equal distribution of wealth, and promote savings. This alternative economic system is now known as Jubilee Economics.

Tekton is a Greek word used to refer to Jesus as a carpenter (Mark 6:3; Matthew 13:55). The word describes a craftsman who works with stone, metal or wood. Tekton was formally established in 2002, although one of its major components for the work with the poor, Co-ops for Christ, was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority in 1999 and formally served the financial needs of its members in 2000.

ANCOP Guild is a partner of CFC ANCOP Tekton Foundation Inc, CFC's integrated community development program. Through its Livelihood program, Tekton promotes economic sustainability to the members of the ANCOP community as well as other poor communities needing support and socio-economic empowerment.