Ernesto "Ernie" E. Maipid, Jr., is an incumbent member of the CFC International Council.



Ernesto Maipid, Jr.

Ernie Maipid is now on his second term as member of the International Council. At present, his responsibilities as Council member is as Pastoral Formation Office Director and as overseer of the Ugnayan magazine. Ernie left his Country Director post at the United Nations Development Programme to be a full time worker. He finished his high school at the Ateneo de Manila and his Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication and his Master of Arts in Communication Research at the University of the Philippines.

Ernie met Gigi (the former Cherilyn de Castro) at the Sacred Heart Parish in Kamuning where they were both youth church leaders, Ernie as head of the parish youth organization and editor of the parish newsletter and Gigi as youth leader of another organization. At that time, she was discerning a call to join the Pink Sisters. Instead she married Ernie (on December 10, 1977) who, if his mother had her way, would have been a priest.

Ernie suffered a stroke in 2001 but this did not deter him from doing more service for the community. He continues to travel all over the country and even to far off places like Africa to give talks and to monitor pastoral formation activities. Ernie and Gigi have been in community for the past 22 years. Like many others, they speak of their journey in CFC in terms of servanthood. Ernie says, “I am at no better place, at no better time. I consider this the peak of my service thus far, enhancing both my personal, as well as family life. When Council service ends, I am confident God will continue to use me for His purposes to the end. My only task is to obey.

"My family serves with me. Gigi is a full time worker too, as Office Manager for Health Services. Paolo, our 24-year old second son, an Economics graduate from the Ateneo, is also a full time worker, serving as a Gawad Kalinga volunteer. Karlo, 26, our eldest, is a registered nurse and is in Singles for Christ. Our youngest, Camina, 20, is in third year college at the UST and is an active member of Youth for Christ TORCH. We have a four-year old foster son, David, who is waiting to join the rest of the family of Gigi’s sister in the U.S.

"We are reminded of our original intent to grow and truly be Couples FOR Christ. The Lord has enabled us to move from goodness to greatness, and there is indeed much, much more that lies ahead. The future indeed spells a 'fullness of hope.'"