The CFC Servants of the Lord (SOLD) is a community of men who are either bachelors; married, separated or divorced or widowers. They could also be husbands of women overseas workers or expatriates themselves. SOLD provides an environment wherein they will be empowered to manage their lives accordingly and overcome a life of loneliness and depression.

It is a reality that, unlike women who can easily share their feelings with friends, men tend to keep their emotions to themselves. However, an all-male group like the SOLD has been proven to be beneficial to men who have undergone or are experiencing this kind of situations.

The Servants of the Lord has already been established in all the provinces of the Philippines as well as in some parts of the world.

SOLD activities revolve around the spirit of community offering pastoral formation and establishing camaraderie among its members through fellowship and sports programs. Each member is invited to join a cell group of 10 to 12 members led by a household head. Further, unit heads lead household heads, chapter heads lead unit heads and cluster heads lead chapter heads. Over-all direction is provided by a national council.